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The success of every project demands effective management, including the assessment and management of risk. Through our leadership, our clients are empowered to make informed decisions knowing we are providing the skills and resources to manage their projects from inception to completion.

As skilled Employer’s Agents & Project Managers, our teams are highly proficient in managing many forms of building contracts. Our teams’ ability in monitoring costs, programmes and quality on site, sets us apart from others. Not just willing to provide the standard service offered by many Employer’s Agents, we work closely with our clients at all stages, from feasibility through to completion. Clients benefit from our expertise in design stage management, our highly-praised quality monitoring procedures and our effective aftercare service.





Construction Management as a procurement methodology has been around since the early 90s as an alternative to the traditional client-contractor route. Giving the Client full latitude to develop and refine the project as it develops, the construction management form of contract allows for the Client to enter a direct relationship with the specialist supply chain, overseen by the construction manager allowing the Client to have a much more transparent view on costs, avoiding paying a main contractors profit on work largely undertaken by subcontractors.

Our team of vastly experienced construction managers are perfectly placed to lead any build.  With a wealth of experience across all sectors the team can tailor a service to suit the client’s needs.  As an independent service under a construction management form, clients can be assured of a structured, stringent and refined management process with programme, budget and quality of finish at the fore.

Our team can provide cost, procurement and programme advice at the outset of a project.  When necessary they will lead a value engineering process to ensure our client’s aspirations are realised and budget’s are met.



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