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Is your project over budget? Its hard to reduce programme and save money without compromising on quality. Paterson Associates can offer assistance to help identify expensive design, product selection and installations and assist in both cost cutting and programme duration as part of this rationalisation process, whilst maintaining the standards expected.





At Paterson Associates, we will produce bills of quantities to SMM7, NRM or if preferred 'Builders Quant's' - just send us the drawings and specifications via email and we will produce an easy to follow schedule of works and quantities by return. In addition to the above we are able to extend this service to cost the bills of quantities as part of either cost planning or quotation preparation.





One of our core services, but one that moves with the times, adapting to the continually changing demands of the Construction Industry. Paterson Associates offer a pro-active approach to all aspects of cost within a construction project.


From inception to completion, we understand the varied requirements of individual clients and are able to tailor our service for their needs. We  base our reputation on providing accurate costing advice and control throughout all stages of a project, ensuring that the client is kept fully appraised at all times.



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